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Follow the development of this game here: http://pennpierson.com/index.php/the-true-slime-king

The True Slime King is a precision platformer inspired by Super Meat Boy.

The goal of the game is to reach the big pile of slime at the end of each level. There are small spherical blobs of slime on some levels that are collectibles, but currently do nothing.

Overworld Controls:

  • WASD -- Move
  • J -- Select level
  • Mouse -- Press big barrows to change worlds


  • A/D -- Move left and right (slide/stick to walls)
  • J -- Jump (hold to stick to ceiling and conveyors)
  • Enter -- Restart level
  • Escape -- Return to level select
  • Mouse -- Bring up the options menu by positioning the mouse on the left side of the screen while in a level. Navigate between overworlds using the big arrow buttons.
  • F10 — Unlock all levels
  • F11 — Reset unlocked levels

Replay screen:

  • J — Next level
  • K — Replay level
  • Esc — Level select

Purple levels aren't finished and only used to demonstrate features. Green levels are better representations of level design.

More information

Published 1 year ago
StatusIn development
Average sessionA few seconds


The True Slime King Alpha 1.3.exe (2 MB)
The True Slime King Alpha 1.2.exe (2 MB)
The True Slime King Alpha 1.1.exe (2 MB)
The True Slime King Alpha 1.0.exe (2 MB)

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